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Arts have never been so relevant

Arts are integral to the fabric of our community. For more than 30 years, the Bowen Island Arts Council has been dedicated to representing and coordinating the creative efforts and programs of all cultural groups. BIAC strives to stimulate the development of arts and cultural projects and activities that result in social and economic benefits for the entire community. BIAC also fosters an interest and pride in the cultural heritage and history of Bowen Island.

BIAC operates the Gallery @ Cove Commons, showcasing 10 - 13 exhibits a year,  produces literary and musical performances, offers an array of learning opportunities through courses and workshops, circulates a weekly Arts & Cultural Events update and sponsors a diversity of activities and events. We coordinate an annual Studio Tour and host other special events, working with partners to present Knowing Our Place, a Truth and Reconciliation initiative aimed at developing connections and enhancing our relationship with our local First Nations. Our various committees are working hard to serve the myriad artists who call Bowen home.

The Cultural Master Plan, a bylaw of the Bowen Island Municipality is our guiding document and informs the Strategic Plan, which is regularly reviewed by the Board and staff of BIAC. It was updated in 2017.

BIAC plays an advocacy role, promoting awareness and understanding of the significant role arts and culture play in enhancing the economic and social welfare of the community. We coordinate and participate in community-building events with the wider population, including educational institutions, seniors, heritage organizations, business and our municipality. We network with other organizations and play an important role in groups such as Tourism Bowen Island and the Economic Development Committee of the Bowen Island Municipality

BIAC is a registered nonprofit agency with charitable tax status. It was founded in May, 1987. As per the Cultural Master Plan, the Bowen Island Municipality recognizes BIAC as the lead advisory body in matters concerning arts and culture.

BIAC gratefully acknowledges the support of the Bowen Island Municipality, the BC Arts Council and the Province of British Columbia. BIAC also thanks all its wonderful members and our community for their fine support of our arts and culture.

Please join us!

Board of Directors
Rob Gloor, Acting Chair
Dave Pollard, Treasurer
Tina Overbury
Nerys Poole
Peter Williamson
Judi Gedye
Greta Smith
Edward Wachtman
Kate Thomas-Peter

OFFICE: located at The Gallery @ Cove Commons
430 Bowen Island Trunk Road, Cardena Rd Entrance
Bowen Island, BC   V0N 1G0

Phone: 604-947-2454
Executive Director: Jacqueline M. Massey
Gallery Curator: Emilie Kaplun
Program Coordinator:  Kathleen Ainscough
Volunteer Coordinator:  Jacqueline Bell-Irving