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November 11-December 4, 2005

The works of Diane Buchanan will be exhibited at the Gallery Nov 11-Dec 4 2005. Her paintings view life from a Buddhist perspective--time, space, myth, symbol.

As a teenager growing up on Bowen Island, Diane discovered the poetry of Jack Kerouac, whose writings have influenced her life and work. From 1965-1969 she attended the Vancouver School of Art (now Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design) where she completed a painting major and a graphics minor. During this time Diane had the priviledge of studying under art icons Don Jarvis, Bill Reid, Takeo Tanabe, Jack Shadbolt and others. During that time she also worked as a paint technician for Takeo Tanabe. From there Diane continued her education at the Honolulu Academy of Art where she completed a lithography major.

In the mid '70's Diane started to practice Buddhism, first Zen and then Tibetan. In 1978 Diane moved to Trungpa Buddhist Centre in Boulder Colorado where, as fate would have, it she also found the Kerouac School of Disembodied Poetics run by Allan Ginsberg, one of Trungpa's first famous students.

In Diane's words: "I am fascinated with the notion of reality and I continue to work with the dream state, cross cultural myths and the common threads that run throughout them." These concepts are reflected in her current works and illustrate Diane's ideas surrounding time, space, myth and symbol.

Since returning to Bowen after a 36 year hiatus, Diane has noticed a change in her paintings to reflect more of nature, "a sense of oneness with the earth--in fact, the Universe. Diane combines nature, the human form and imaginary beings, as an integral part of the landscape, often painting on different planes on a single canvas.

In the last year, Diane has started exploring portraiture. Treating her subjects in this manner, she adds images of pets, plant, and objects of personal meaning, to reflect the true essence of each individual's being.

Diane has previously shown, and has works in private collections throughout North America, the United Kingdom and Europe.

SOUL FOOD :The Empty Bowl Project
Katherine and John Lawrence are retired teachers. Katherine's career included a four year spell as a consultant with the Vancouver School Board and concluded as a faculty associate teaching teachers at the University of British Columbia. She is an ardent potter and has taught a ceramics course at UBC in addition to her work with students in the classroom.

John emigrated to Canada from the UK in 1973 to take up a teaching post at St. George's School in Vancouver. In his 30 years at the school he held the posts of Head of Science, Director of Studies and Associate Principal.

Katherine and John took a sabbatical year in 1995-1996 to backpack around the world. As a consequence they have developed an appetite for travel and in the last few years have visited much of SE Asia, India, Turkey, Egypt, Europe, Morocco, Australia, Fiji and New Zealand. In 2003-2004 during their travels in SE Asia they wrote a weekly column for the Vancouver Sun which they repeated more recently whilst backpacking in India.

The poverty of the peoples of the third world has been a constant reminder of our own privileged way of life. In Phnom Penh we discovered an agency which worked with street children left homeless and often parentless after the ravages of war, genocide, landmines, and more recently an Aids epidemic. We were so impressed by their work that we decided to organize a fund raiser on their behalf.

And so the idea of the Empty Bowl project was born. Katherine has worked with all the grade 6 and 7 classes at BIC's in developing awareness of the poverty and undernourishment of much of the world's citizenry. Her work has complemented a unit on poverty in the BC Ministry of Education curriculum. Under Katherine's guidance the students have crafted two bowls which have been fired and glazed using both a kiln at the school and those of Island potters, Jeanette Wrenshall and Katherine Epps. The students have donated one bowl to the Empty Bowl project and presented the second to their families.

The Empty Bowl project involves the exhibition in the Gallery of the 70 odd bowls made by the students and over 100 framed photographs and 250 greeting cards from our extensive collection of travel photographs. Island and mainland artists have generously donated examples of their work which are also on show and will be auctioned off on our Gala evening, 'Soul Shoes,' on October the 15th.

During the evening a simple meal of rice and dhal, the staple food of much of the world's poor will be served by Island Volunteers. John and Katherine will present an illustrated talk on traveling in India and the donated beautiful pieces donated by professional potters and artists will be auctioned off by Island thespian, Graham Ritchie.

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Insight and outlook
watercolours by Patricia Adams and acrylics by Michael Epp.
Showing August 31 to September 18, 2005. Opening reception: Sunday, September 4, 2-4 pm.

"Jess Rice"
For the month of May, Jess Rice brought his vivid watercolours to the Gallery at Artisan Square on Bowen Island.
When asked how long he has been painting Jess usually answers "For most of my life, I've always had a brush or pencil in hand and a sketch on the go somewhere." Jess now resides in White Rock, BC and for the past two years Jess has been painting full-time. Jess' work can be seen in two major galleries in the White Rock area and many art festivals around British Columbia and the States. Jess works out of his studio in White Rock and also spends many days in the local mountains painting in his "backyard" studios. He enjoys painting the local scenes around Beautiful British Columbia and is especially drawn to the old barns of South Surrey.
Jess grew up in Montana and began painting the mountains and streams of The Big Sky State, he later moved to Seattle where he first got his taste of painting water, mountains and marine life. He really began painting seriously when he moved to Bowen Island in 1999, being inspired by the amazing vistas that the island holds.
Jess has taken in many workshops in Seattle and around Vancouver and looks forward to learning as much as he can about the nature of watercolours. Please join Jess on May 8th for an opening reception at the Gallery at Artisan Square from 2:00 to 4:00 pm. Jess' watercolours will be on display from May 6 until May 29.

"unSTILLlife" showed at The Gallery@Artisan Square on Bowen Island, from April 8-May 1, 2005.
Artist's reception was on Sunday April 10th.
A lot of us live our lives as though everything was glued to the floor, nailed down… In fact, everything is constantly afloat. Our hold on life and it's grip on us, is tenuous. There are slidey bits, crossing places where you can pass from one dimension to another. Objects and ideas are forever shifting. They move and morph, images repeat, sequences form, then reoccur to create the pattern of our lives.
The current show draws from our ongoing relatioship, often subliminal, to books, theatre, film, animation, cartoons with captions.
The ever present word that underwrites our inner thoughts and ongoing scenarios. Pictorial art cross-dressing into other mediums.
Artist's Biography >>>

"Eve's Garden" showed at The Gallery@Artisan Square on Bowen Island, from March 11 - April 3, 2005 and opened Sunday March 13.
Click for larger imageThe series of paintings was inspired by a glorious sunny fall day on Gambier Island when a group of friends ventured into the woods, saw the trees better dressed than they were, immediately traded their clothes for the velvety moss and lace-like leaves, then lounged, at home, on the fallen trees, in the woodsy perfume and the golden, dappled light of the forest. The experience was magical, primeval, a sensation of being born wholly into nature - a rejoicing return to The Garden for a new Eve.
  The paintings embodied a quiet celebration of a reunion with nature and it's powers to renew and bestow peace.

by Sara Baker
LittleLove (30K)Last Saturday night the Gallery at Artisan Square filled with nearly 100 enthusiastic (and competitive!) lovers of art, for the highly successful, first annual Valentine fundraiser---a mystery miniatures event called "A Little Love Goes A Long Way".
As soon as the doors opened at 7:30pm., guests streamed in, jostling for position in front of the works, anxious to both test their knowledge, and take advantage of the fantastic opportunity to purchase a piece of original art for just $100.
Candlelight and wine, roses and decadent treats put party goers in the mood for opening their hearts and their wallets in support of our community gallery and arts centre, as they competed to win an original Bill Hoopes miniature painting, by trying to match 58 unsigned works to their artists. Oohs, ahhs, claps and cheers accompanied the sensational auctioneering prowess of Dan Carrier, in determining the final ownership of the several pieces with multiple interested purchasers. Then guess sheets were tallied, revealing the prize winners as Jan Wells and husband Jerry George. " I just can't believe it!" a flabbergasted Jan was overheard saying, " I thought I hardly knew any of them".
Our purpose and mission as a community gallery is not only to provide a beautiful, needed venue where local talent can be fostered and promoted through professional exhibition, but to also create an environment for visitors to educate themselves about the art and artists of Bowen Island and to discover and experience their own very personal relationship to beauty, in the form of visual art.
This exhibit which launched with Saturday's gala, provides the opportunity for all of this to take place. By viewing a piece without knowing who painted it, people are freed to meet the work authentically--unswayed by external labels and group mind sets. We not only gain new insight into our own unique inner landscape, but are able, once we do discover the identity of the artist, to also look upon that person afresh, and appreciate them in a way which previously may not have been possible for us.
Art, in all its myriad expressions is a gift to us on many levels, and is so important to our healthy wholeness as human beings. It opens the heart, stimulates the mind and feeds the soul.
Gallery coordinator Sara Baker, and Gallery committee members Lori Griffiths, Kim Kasasian and Margit Griffiths, would like to thank everyone from artists to volunteers to purchasers, for making this event such a great success.
For those that couldn't make it on Saturday, there is still time to impress your valentine with a gift of original art until March 6th. Don't miss this chance to contribute to The Gallery, to the community and to your own education and enjoyment. The Gallery is open Fridays through Sundays noon to 4pm. Info at 604.947.2454

"Precipice" … was an exhibition of the works of young Bowen artists aged 15-21 that showed at The Gallery @Artisan Square Jan.14-Jan. 30, 2005.
pieces by:
Victoria Griffiths
Kaitlin Hunter
Kate Kasasian
Ruth Kasasian
Ryszard Krukowski and
Nick Kyle
Opening reception was Sunday Jan.16 2-4pm, with guitar music provided by local young singer/songwriterJacob Scouten.