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Bowen's annual celebration of visual artists group show, this year featuring more than 30 artists.

Show runs from Nov 23-Dec 23rd.

Art makes a great and personal Christmas gift! see you at the Gallery, and wishing you a very Merry Christmas from Sara Baker, Jacqueline Massey and the Bowen Island Arts Council Board of Directors!



Breathing Space
by Lori Stringer

Opening October 26th at The Gallery at Artisan Square, is a show by Bowen artist and teacher Lori Stringer. Although Lori has participated in many group shows in her artistic life which began as a child in Kimberley, BC, this show is her first solo exhibition.

Entitled "Breathing Space" it's a collection of gentle but strong west coast inspired landscape images both real and imaginary, which immediately draw the viewer in and evoke feelings of expansiveness and peace.

Lori, a teacher at the Learning Centre received her own training at the University of Lethbridge Alberta, at Concordia in Montreal and at UBC., where she was the recipient of a Faculty Award for her work. Lori's influences include Canadian artist Stephen Hutchings of Banff, whose 'imaginary landscapes' served as inspiration for her own ethereal pieces. "Mostly though", says Lori, "I am inspired and influenced by the beauty of the natural environment around me."

Lori Stringer's show runs from Oct 26th to Nov 18th and there will be an opening reception Sunday Oct 28th from 1-3pm. All are welcome.



Two Pathways, One Journey
Jilly Watson and Janet Esseiva

This week the gallery will be welcoming an exciting new exhibit by Bowen artists Jilly Watson and Janet Esseiva. You are invited to come and see their latest adventures with acrylic paint. The show is entitled Jilly Watson and Janet Esseiva; Two Pathways, One Journey. The title is indicative of the different paths the two artists have taken in their pursuit of art to arrive at this joint exhibition.

Jilly Watson began painting seriously five years ago after she retired to Bowen Island. She has developed her artistic skills through numerous art workshops, including Capilano Colleges 2003 Art course in France. Jilly has also studied under Marilyn Lemon, Paul Deggan and Greta Guzek. Jilly has a passion for hiking in the West Coast rain forests and woodland trails of England. This love of the outdoors is reflected in her paintings.

Janet Esseiva cannot remember a time when she didn't paint. She has explored oils, pastels, water colors and acrylics on paper, walls, clothing, tea pots and canvas, but has settled on acrylic on canvas for now. Janet hails from Cape Town, South Africa, but is proud to have her feet firmly planted in Canadian soil for ten years, the last two being on Bowen Island. "The angle of the sun gives a gentle vibrancy to the light on the West Coast in Fall and is the inspiration for my current work."

You are invited to come and see this show at the Gallery in Artisan Square between 12:00p.m.and 4:00p.m. on Friday, Saturday and Sundays from September 28th to October 21st, and stop by the Opening Reception this Sunday September 30 between 1:00 and 3:00p.m.


Ross Carter
Water Media Paintings

For Ross Carter, making pictures, portraits and landscapes, has been a lifelong avocation. In elementary school, to the despair of his teachers, he covered his notebooks with marginal drawings that caused him no end of trouble. However, his parents encouraged the vice as long as he promised not to use his school notebooks and not to try to make his living as an artist.

During his senior year in high school he attended the Vancouver School of Art (as Emily Carr was called then) half days to get some grounding in drawing, design and other basics. There was little market for the arts in his generation in Vancouver but it didn't stop his fellow students from trying. He saw his fellow Art School students and close contemporaries Shirley Legate, Kay Hoffman and George Norris develop their talent. Only sculptor George Norris didn't move to Bowen.

Over the years he kept sketchbooks going and returned from time to time to painting. Landscapes, portrait sketches and regular production of design graphics kept his hand in.

He says, "I enjoy exploring small surprises graphically, trying to solve the technical problems of picture making and developing visual metaphors. I like to muck about with the plastic qualities of paint and the challenge of the picture surface. It's absolutely diversion and recreation."

When he came to Bowen full-time in the early 1990s, he began to explore the Island's landscape, history and the events and gatherings that make Bowen what it is. These have been his continuing inspiration.

Most recently, he's been attempting to find the essence, the spirit of Bowen landscape in watercolour. He states, "It's meant that I've had to look harder and loosen, loosen, loosen up. It's a challenge."

Ross Carter's acrylic and watercolour paintings will be showing at the Gallery until August 26. His Artist's Reception will be held on Sunday, August 12, from 2 pm to 4 pm.

Visit the Gallery at Artisan Square between 11 a.m. and 5 p.m., Wednesday through Saturday, and 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Sunday to view Ross Carter's Recent Water Media Paintings.



The Art Gallery Welcomes a New Exhibit

As Sarah Haxby's art exhibit came to a close last Sunday, the Gallery has welcomed a new show: a collection of carvings by Robert Barratt entitled Off the Wall, and Images of Nature, a series of photographs by Hal Barber.

Hal Barber has entitled his photographs Images of Nature as they focus on the flora and fauna of British Columbia. Barber has lived on island for sixteen years, and has been taking artistic photographs for forty years. Both his love of the West-Coast environment and his photographic and artistic techniques are instantly apparent in Images of Nature. Many of Barber's photographs are of small plants, mussels and stones, but he has used light and composition to reveal the beauty in these everyday objects.

Robert Barratt worked as an apprentice to Nisga'a master carver Norman Tait and Lucinda Turner for sixteen years. He developed his artistic skills by collaborating with his teachers on various endeavors, such as totem poles and smaller gallery pieces. Although his mentors have influenced Barratt's art, he has worked to evolve his own particular style. Barratt has been working independently for several years, and has collaborated with many prominent native artists. His talent is evident in the beautiful pieces that he has included in Off the Wall.

Visit the Gallery at Artisan Square between 11 a.m. and 5 p.m., Wednesday through Saturday, and 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Sundays to view Barratt and Barber's new exhibit, and stop by the Artist's Reception this Sunday, July 22, at 1 p.m.



Sarah Haxby
June 22 - July 15, 2007

Awen is a Welsh word used to denote the artistic muse, inspiration and rein. Awen is defined as the quality of inspiration, especially in arts. Awen is what Sarah Haxby is calling her visual arts exhibition this summer at the Bowen Island Gallery at Artisan Square, the name was inspired by the honour of being offered a placement at the prestigious University of Wales to complete a Masters of Art and Art History. Sarah is thrilled at the opportunity to have a place in the historical residences and a painting studio at the university while she furthers her artistic studies. The University of Wales is located in Aberystwyth, Wales, by the Cardigan Bay.

In Sarah's own words: "It's a great honour to be accepted by the University of Wales, which was my first choice of places to study. Only one in over one hundred applicants is selected for the average MFA program. Iím thrilled that they selected me. My Emily Carr instructors tell me it was partly because I graduated in the top three percent of my class, but I think it was really because the last slide I added to my application was of my Bowen Island Black Sheep Morris dance outfit. The Bowen Black Sheep dance traditional Welsh border morris. Iíll be looking for another Morris dance group in Wales, it should be a good way to get to know some of the locals!

If I may take a moment to thank a few people for helping me get to Wales, it would be the community of Bowen Island as well as the people who have given me encouragement and finacial support in the past such as the Bowen Island Community Foundation, the Judy Dennis Emerging Artist grant, and the Mary Allesia and Alvin Balkin memorial scholarships, as well as the people who have written me numerous glowing letters of reference such as local librarian Tina Nielsen, and my Emily Carr Institute teachers: Ken Wallace, Patrick Bruskiewich, and The Janets."

Awen will feature new works by Sarah Haxby featuring paintings in a new style developed which explores figurative and symbolic imagery inspired by notions of ďthe curious, and the curiose." There will also be more chocolate landscapes and the performative photography Muse series, a project in which Sarah collaborated with Jim Boraas, a talented photographer Sarah met at the Emily Carr Institute. Sarah created the costumes, and sketched out the compositional ideas which Jim assisted in capturing with his photographic talent. The Muse series is a personal exploration of the idea of the traditional symbol of the muse of painting, called Pitura by the ancient Greeks. The figure of the muse as the source of creative inspiration was used extensively throughout the Renaissance period and persists to this day.

You are invited to visit the Awen exhibit June 22nd-July 15th at The Gallery at Artisan Square. There will an exhibition reception Sat. July 7th 2pm-4pm. (Please ignore other ads to the contrary -the 7th is the official reception!) Please contact the Gallery or Sarah Haxby for more information.



Trachoma in Ethiopia : Personalizing the World Health Crisis
Robert Semeniuk
May 25- June 17, 2007

It is estimated that every hour, 1500 people die worldwide of infectious diseases. Over half of them are children under the age of five. Millions more suffer from non fatal, yet debilitating diseases, many of which are easily treatable with antibiotics.

One of these diseases is Trachoma. Spread by flies, it is the world's leading cause of preventable blindness. Trachoma is pandemic in Ethiopia.

This exhibition of images by internationally acclaimed photojournalist Robert Semeniuk is the second of his projects to be exhibited at The Gallery. In 2005, The Gallery exhibited his haunting exhibition entitled "The San: Aids and Dislocation."

Much of Bob's 30 year career as an internationally acclaimed photojournalist, has been dedicated in large part, to human and environmental rights issues. The Gallery is pleased to support Robert Semeniuk's important contribution to social awareness by offering his latest works for viewing and sale from May 25th- June 17th.

There will be an opening reception June 3 from 1-3pm and Bob will give a public lecture at The Gallery about his work and many fascinating projects - past, present and future, at The Gallery on Sunday June 10th 3pm.



The Land
April 27- May 20, 2007

The Land, a show by internationally known artist Sharon Norman opens at The Gallery on Friday April 27th. This series began with her search for a way to put her interpretive thought of the landscape on canvas. Norman's work has been inspired and influenced by the landscape over the years, and no more so than after her move to Bowen Island about 2 years ago. This body of work reflects her roots in abstractism and her keen graphic artist's eye combined in a unique process using photo-transfer and acrylic media that brings her experience and love of nature to the forefront. Sharon Norman will be present at an artist's reception Sunday April 29th from 1-4pm. All are welcome.

On Saturday May 12th, at 3pm The Bowen Centre for the Arts is pleased to present a lecture by Sharon Norman. With her works as a backdrop at The Gallery, Norman will discuss the "Evolution of a Painting and a Painter".

Sharon Norman is an accomplished painter and graphic designer, whose creative life has taken her down many interesting paths, from painting alongside Biull Reid to being among the first select group of artists to teach in the inaugural roll out of the internationally acclaimed Learning Through the Arts program at the local community school.

The lecture begins at 3pm, Saturday May 12th at the Gallery. Admission of $10 includes refreshments.



Micro/ Macro
March 30-April 22, 2007

Opening reception Sunday, April 1 from 1-3pm.

From the time that she experienced a near deadly tropical fever as a child, artist Kim Kasasian has been painting to capture the fascinating images of the mysterious, worlds the resultant altered state allowed her fleeting glimpses of.

Since her last show at The Gallery three years ago, Kasasian has moved from creating small images with acrylic on paper, to applying paint to the very large canvases which serve to fully portray the work she has been inspired to produce more recently.

Using both impasto and washes, Kasasian's organic, brightly coloured abstracts are at once bold and delicate, and as the show's title "Micro/Macro' suggests, are open to interpretation-as easily viewed as microscopic creatures as they are as sea life or images from outer space.

The exhibit runs from today, March 30th to April 22 with the opening reception this Sunday April 1 from 1-3pm.



March 2-25, 2007

Opening reception Sunday, March 4th 1-3pm.

From March 2nd through to Sunday March 25th, The Gallery at Artisan Square is exhibiting the works of Bowen Island artist O. (Owen) Carroll in his debut show "GIRLS! GIRLS! GIRLS! A fond look at the fairer sex".

Carroll, a relatively new resident to Bowen Island is an artist with many gifts. Now retired, he spent his career as a touring musician and singer for stars such as Dolly Parton, Bryan Adams and Tina Turner, to name just a few. His work and life on the road was one filled with lots of great stories and interesting people, many of whom became the inspiration and subject matter for this captivating show. Each one of the 64 faces featured, prompts the desire to know the story behind it.

Owen Carroll's bold flamboyant use of colour and line, his humour and choice of subjects, belies the modesty and quiet, self-effacing personality of the man.

This Sunday March 4th from 1-3pm, you can see the show and meet the artist at the opening reception at The Gallery. Everyone is welcome.

The Women Who Wore Them
Jan 12-29, 2007

Works in paper, wood and fabric by artist Saffron Gurney.
Opening reception Saturday, Jan 13th 6-8pm.

Artist Saffron Gurney's fascination with railway lines, hillside mines and ocean edge rocks is generations long. Her grandfather was instrumental in organizing safe and just conditions for industry workers on the Lower Mainland and Vancouver Island in the 1920's and 30's. Her exhibition, now showing at The Gallery at Artisan Square is inspired by him and by the women, workers and wives who contributed to BC's labour history and by the province's historical landscapes and landmarks.

The exhibit titled "The Women Who Wore Them: works in paper, wood and fabric" is an installation show featuring 7 cannery aprons handpainted, embroidered and printed with archival imagery and found objects that refer specifically to the First Nations, Chinese and Japanese women that worked in the canneries of Steveston during its most productive years. These aprons were first exhibited at TheGulf of Georgia Cannery in Steveston in 2004. Also featured in the historical aspect of the show is a Bloomsbury Group style installation that evokes memories of the sitting rooms where these women may have rested on their longs days working at canning row or the rivet crew.

Completing this fascinating exhibition is a collection of paintings, prints and drawings reflecting Saffron's interest in ruin as a suggestive form, hinting perhaps at stories past and present.

Saffron Gurney was educated in fine arts and philosophy at UBC and in painting and printmaking at the Philip Institute of Technology in Melbourne Australia. She has taught and coordinated various youth art and community projects in BC and in Australia, and will be offering children's Printmaking instruction through The Gallery's new arts programs beginning the first week of February. Her exhibit runs from January 12-29th with an opening reception Saturday Jan.13th (tomorrow evening) from 6-8pm at The Gallery. All are welcome and the artist will be in attendance.


The Gallery @ Artisan Square opened its doors in October, 1997. The Gallery is a multi-use arts facility and is operated by the Bowen Island Arts Council. It serves and promotes the Bowen Island visual arts community as well as providing venue for many other cultural activities.

The Gallery organizes about 14 visual art shows a year, featuring a majority of Bowen Island artists. The Gallery showcases photography, three dimensional shows, children's and youth art, community group shows, fibre arts shows and solo artist exhibitions.

For more information about planned shows or arranging new showings, call Sara Baker Wansbrough, The Gallery Coordinator at 604-947-2454

Gallery hours:
Winter hours: Friday - Sunday, Noon - 4 p.m.
Summer Hours: July and August, Wednesday - Sunday, 11 a.m. - 4 p.m.

The Lagoon
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