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GIFTED - our annual community non-juried exhibition. This year we have 60 artists. The exhibition dates are November 27 - December 27th. The Artist's opening reception is Sunday November 29th from 2-4 p.m.


The Carters
October 30 - November 22, 2009

Long time Bowen Islanders, the Carters have been coming to Bowen since 1945. Dick and Katie built their home at 1515 Eagle Cliff Road between 1945 and their retirement in 1965. Their two sons, Ross and Jim, were frequent visitors during those years. Ross married and had two sons, Matt and Ian. Jim married and has three children, Heather, Stephanie and John. The show involves all but two of the family.

Everyone is welcome to come to the Artists’ Reception on Sunday, November 1, from 2 p.m. – 4 p.m.

The Artists:

Dick Carter ­ is a professional sign writer, Dick drew and painted throughout his life. He was active in helping create the painting group at Collins Hall. He was the inspiration for many of the family to pursue drawing and painting. (1898 - 1997)

Katie Carter ­ took up art after retiring to Bowen. She was instrumental in getting the art group going at Collins Hall. She enjoyed painting and developed a fine style. (1900 - 1996)

Ross Carter ­ studied art at the Vancouver school of Art. He drew and painted throughout his life. Well known on Bowen for his painting. Ross was a librarian in the USA and Canada. He ended his career as the Acting President of VancouverCommunity College. He served on the first Bowen council and was active in promoting Bowen as a municipality. (1929 ­ 2008)

Jim Carter ­ took up drawing and painting on his retirement in 2000. He is currently a member of the Fisherman’s Cove Painting Group. Prior to his current interest in painting, Jim was involved in education and sport leadership. He is currently President of the west Vancouver Historical Society.

Stephanie Carter is a professional illustrator with offices on Granville Island. She studied at Emily Carr and Capilano College. Her web site, Image Zoo, involves artists from around the world who submit works for distribution. She was influenced by her grandpa, Dick Carter, who, at an early age, taught her some of the basics of drawing.

John Carter began painting about seven years ago and focused on creative works without the influence of instruction. He believes instruction can interfere with the creative process. He has been a photographer for 20 years and continues to expand his range of work.

Ian Carter began painting three years ago and is evolving a style of his own. He has joined the other Carter painters for sessions of group painting. His work reflects a creative and fresh approach to the canvas.

Brushstrokes And Stitches
Susan Hillman 2009
October 2 - 25, 2009

"In my mind, the two processes of 'abstract painting' and 'knitting' are very similar. Both are traditions, based on craft, which represent values of distinct social groups. It is the straightforwardness of the handmade objects resulting from both practices and their relation to the public and private (domestic) sphere, which produce unique value today.

"To embrace the hermetic, the decorative and the formal as content is neither ironic nor blindly traditional and is a deliberate and pertinent choice for my current working method as a visual artist.

"Abstract painting is a language that cannot be translated into entertainment, data or easily discernible subject matter. Each individual brushstroke in a painting preserves an identity in real time midst a mass-culture exploding with speed, replication, technology, and immediate gratification. In contrast, I become focused and thrilled at the ontological aspect of making these brushed marks.

"Similarly each stitch knotted, netted and knitted is attended to and woven/sewn into a larger whole. The application of this process also becomes all engrossing and in the moment, and results in bi-products whether conceptual or usable, which are surprising."

On Thursdays and Saturdays while the show is on, there will be a 'knit -in- in the Gallery' from 2-4 p.m.

The Gallery @ Artisan Square

Capilano Institute Printmakers
Capilano University
Sept 11-28, 2009

Christel Kleinewillinghofer

Hans Christian Behm

Wayne Eastcott

Joan Smith

Peter Frey

Maria-Leena Rathje

Linda Robertson

Michiko Suzuki

Bonnie Jordan

Artists' Reception
Sunday September 20th from 2-4 p.m.

Swimming Through Air
Paintings by Kim Kasasian
Wed Aug 19th to Monday September 7th

An exhibition of Arts and Crafts from 14 Bowen artists
Wed Aug 5th to Sunday August 16th
Artist's reception: Sunday August 9th from 2-4 p.m.

The artists in the show are: Kathleen Ainscouugh, Stacey Beamer, Richard Best, Ross Cone, Catherine Epps, Judi Gedye, Josephine Harrison, Nicholas Purchell, Marcus Sabathil, Jeanne Sarich, Tiffanee Scorer, Ron Tribe, Jan Willem van der Wal, Carlos Vela-Martinez.

Catherine Epps

Richard Best

Stacy Beamer

Photography by Dan Heringa and sculpture by Magi Amma
July 15th to August 2nd
Artist's reception: Sunday July 19th, 2-4pm.

Magi's sculptures are built from found objects, bits of stuff gathered from beaches and backyards. By assembling theses bits of stuff Magi creates sculptures that mingle two histories: the history of the object - a wooden crate washed up on the beach or a broken musical instrument, with the viewer's personal history - the associations that are sparked by a bird's nest or a scratched mirror.

These unconventional sculptures work like 3D poems, less about form and more about emotional texture.

One piece in the show is of a figure seated on a chair, created from found wood pieces suggesting a skeleton, describing the casual posture better than an actual skeleton could.

Dan Heringa also brings historical associations to his pieces. He uses a variety of techniques to colour his photographs, thereby referring to both sepia coloured photos and tinted photos from the past. The pictures are printed on watercolour paper giving them a rich texture.

Light, not just a source of illumination, becomes as much a subject as the trees and buildings in the photographs.

Unlike much photography which looks for an immediate impact, Dan's photos have a gentle touch and seep in slowly.

Father, Son and Grandson
June 24-July 8th
Artist's Reception: Saturday June 27th, 2-4

The three generations of the Bowen Wall family each take a 'wall' in the Gallery for this exhibition.

Father, Robin, studied at the Heathley School of Art in London, in Florence and at the Sadie Bronfman Institute in Montreal. He taught Art and Art History at St. Lawrence College in Cornwall Ontario. He works in oils, oil pastels and is also a distinguished printmaker. Robert, is a creatiave designer for Vancouver add agencies although, more recently, as well, has turned his hand to painting. Both Robin and Robert capture evocative images of Bowen place and landscape. Robert's son Travis, a graduate of the 3-D program at Capilano College, works an an animator on television programs for Studio B in Vancouver. Included in the show are some of his 'punchy' pencil/photoshop animated figures.

This exhibition presents a rare opportunity to view the creativity of three member of a family.. Robert's brother, Alan, from Calgary, will be present at the opening to add his flair on the piano. All are welcome.

Passageways Art Show with Sharon Norman
Enter into a magical world where images of doorways and landscape passageways evoke transitions and journeys in life. Abstract painting and photography merge together in this latest exhibit by Sharon Norman showing at the Gallery at Artisan Square from May 31 to June 25, with the Opening Reception on Sunday May 31 from 1:00 to 4:00 pm.

Sharon has been an abstract landscape painter for 25 years combining form, colour, texture and composition into breathtaking expressions of what is happening in her world and the world around us. Inspired by her travels into many natural settings and cultures, Sharon's art reflects the hope, spirituality and gentleness of the landscape combined with the exciting voice of the paint. "My painting have always been more organic and more from the soul than the intellect," says Sharon.

Sharon has had numerous exhibitions across Canada as well as many other parts of the world and each series tells a different story. This new chapter explores the evolution of Sharon's work and enables the viewer to find their own passageway, which reflects and honours the human need to connect and define oneself.

The Opening Reception on May 31 promises to be entertaining with Corbin Keep performing improvisations on the cello through his interpretations of each of Sharon's paintings. Everyone is welcome to stop by, enjoy some refreshments, have a glass of wine, and celebrate Sharon's latest creations.

Exhibition opens on Friday May 1 and runs until May 24th. Bill is giving a lecture on the his work on Sunday May 3rd @ 1 p.m. The artist's opening will follow from 2-4 p.m.

Rainbows - Inside and Out
An Island Discovery Community School Exhibition
Mon. April 27th –Wed. April 29th at The Gallery at Artisan Square
Our opening reception: Tue. April 28th from 6 pm – 8 pm, artists present!

Midnight Oils

by Tiffanee Scorer
April 3rd- 26th
Artist's reception Sunday April 5th 2-4 p.m.

SIGHTLINES: differing perspectives on photography

SIGHTLINES: differing perspectives on photography will open at the Gallery @ Artisan Square on March 6. Sightlines shows the work of five artists, including three from Bowen, - with vastly differing approaches to working with photography.

Bob Semeniuk is an internationally recognized photojournalist. His work has earned him over forty award nominations, including multiple top honours in National Magazine Awards, The Science Writers Association and The Canadian Association of Journalists. Cristina Viviani uses her camera to discover and reveal the beauty of abstract forms that lie, often overlooked, in the natural environment. Her simple/understated earth toned images contrast with Brendon Purdy's travel photographs which are particularly sensuous both in colour and composition. Jacqueline Massey manipulates digital images to produce delicate, spicy images in which the original material is barely recognizable. Carol Robb's art pieces are highly inventive in every way: the collecting of materials to photograph, the lighting (she sometimes uses flashlights and matches), and the cutting and reassembling of the photographs. She starts from a place that is totally open-ended, and finishes with pieces that are both precise and delightfully amusing.

The exhibition will run from March 6 - 29. The artists' reception, to which everyone is invited, will be held on March 8, 2 p.m. - 4 p.m.. Gallery hours are Fri, Sat, Sun, noon to 4 p.m.

MINI GALA @ the Gallery

Above images by Peter Robinson, Jilly Watson, Jeanette Wrenshall and Baiba Thomson

This Mini Gala is the annual fundraising event where 50 Bowen artists have donated 50 paintings and each one is priced at $125. If more than one person indicates interest in a piece, by putting their name down under the piece, we will have a live auction on the spot for these pieces. Otherwise they sell for $125. It is always a great event.


On a rainy Tuesday morning Anne Lagasse was painting with care when in walked a new painter, introduced himself and the two have been good friends ever since. Anne, the methodical and persistent one, as tortoises are want to be, realized this new hare Matthew Smith was leaping and bounding through one painting after another, exploring with intensity. One day they said, "let's do this - let's put a show together." Thus the Tortoise Meets the Hare Exhibit of Traditional and Contemporary Art.

The Gallery on Bowen Island in Artisan Square
January 9 - February 1, 2009
Gallery Hours: Fri, Sat, Sun, 12:00-4pm

Please Join Anne and Matthew at the opening
Reception Sunday January 11th, 2-4pm