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This page is always being updated with new information about upcoming shows, so visit us often. Contact our curator, Emilie Kaplun if you have any questions.

Call for Entry 2020

The Gallery@Cove Commons


Adjudication for the 2020 exhibitions at The Gallery

Drop off proposals: Monday May 27th 2019, 3-7 pm

Pick up proposals: Tuesday May 28th 2019, 4-6 pm

The Gallery@Cove Commons (The Hearth - Bowen Island Arts Council), is now planning exhibitions for the year 2020. The Gallery will consider work in any medium and in any subject area. All ideas, designs and reference material must be the artist's own work. Art, after a cultural style to which the artist has no cultural or ancestral ties, cannot be considered.

We welcome proposals from Bowen Island artists, and are also able to accept a limited number of off-island artists. Solo or group exhibitions may be proposed.

Please include the following information with your proposal:
  1. Cover letter
  2. Theme of proposed exhibition with an example of your work that supports your theme
  3. Resume: biographical information, education, exhibition history
  4. 5 finished pieces of art representative of your current body of work (last two years) with your name, title, date, size, medium, and price. Art cannot previously have been exhibited in the gallery.
  5. Portfolio: 8-20 photographs, on CD or USB or by email, of original works of art, created in the last two years, with title, date, size, medium and price.

The Gallery supports emerging as well as established artists. The Gallery reserves the right to decide which artists will be allotted the few solo shows and which artists will share the space. We encourage the inclusion of a community component in the form of workshops, demonstrations, artist talks or other creative interactive suggestions.

Exhibition lengths are typically 4 or 5 weeks. The Gallery charges administrative fees to the artist to help cover operating costs, and retains a commission on all sales. The percentage varies depending on the type of show, price of artwork, number of participating artists and does not exceed 30%. For more information on these fees and the commission rate, or to discuss your idea for submission, please contact the Curator, Emilie Kaplun at or 604-947-2454.