-About myself-
-born in Victoria, studied fine arts with Tony Emery at UVIC.
-late 60's at Calgary School of Art (SAIT).
-1972 moved to Bowen Island and Ravenhill Farm.
-subsistance farmed, designed and made over 1,000 hand puppets.
-worked in construction, gardening, and sewing, in a Library and a bookstore; as a volunteer Taoist Tai Chi instructor, helped set up special events and do ground work for Fed Up food coop wholesalers.
On Bowen, I continuously made collages, cards, booklets and posters from New Yorker cartoons, magazine clippings, and family photos (taken by other people) until, mercifully, I was given a camera of my own, the fisrt I'd held in 30 years.
July 2 - Aug. 31 2003 joint show with Michael Epp at Bowen Is. Public Library (38 pics). I showed my work continuously from Dec.2001 to Jan. 2003 on Bowen Island, notably at the Ian Fry Gallery (27 pics over 6 months) and a solo show at the Gallery at Artisan Square (54 pics Apr/ May 2002).
Other work was shown at my Window On Art at Artisan's Square, the Ruddy Potato, the Vineyard, the Snug, the Undercurrent, the Boulevard cottage, the Breakfast Cafe, as well as several group shows in the Old Store at Crippen Park and at the Gallery. In deep time I have shown fabric art, ink drawings and silk screen prints at Alixe Mattews Plumtree Gallery,Sarah Allen's galleries on Dorman Point and Govt. Rd., at the Brackendale, Gallery and in 2 Victoria Art Gallery juried shows.
unSTILLlife features: Cookie, the Man With the Invisible Hat.
I would never have noticed Cookie had it not been for his hat. I can't recall seeing a cookie cutter man with a bowler hat, not to mention what appears to be a suit - so bourgeois, so Magritte. Cookie lay meekly on my counter all spring of 2000 until the ? of Alaska came up. He then rose to his full height of 6 inches and made known his intention to sail North. It being unthinkable that a relatively invisible individual should travel alone, I made haste to accompany him and to subsequently document his explorations…